NEW Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01
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Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 for sale

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Category: Special tools for the police
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01
This device is a light weight, portable,battery powered x-ray scanning system designed in co-operation with the first responder and EOD teams to meet the need of the field operative. It is light weight and comes with user friendly software
that helps operators in understanding the functions and operations in a less time.

Applied Scene:


Widespread use of explosives presents immense growing challenges and threats to civilians, law
enforcement forces, military and police bomb squads and EOD teams worldwide. The key objective of Bomb
Disposal Operators is to accomplish their task as safely as possible. For that reason, EOD equipment, and
specifically portable x-ray scanner systems play a crucial role in meeting this objective -providing real
time, high quality images of suspect objects, while.

Counter Surveillance

Control Customs Features:
A Technical Specification of the imaging plate
The portable X-ray scanner system plays a crucial role in inspecting every objects - such as electronic
devices, furniture, walls (concrete, drywall) and even inspecting an entire hotel room. When guarding a
public figure, or an embassy, these items as well as innocent looking gifts or mobile phones must be
inspected for the slightest alteration in their electronic components which may imply being used as a listening device.

Knife & Drug in Bag

The portable X-ray scanner systems are perfect for contraband – drugs or weapons, and IED detection by
examination of suspected items across borders and perimeters. It allows the operator to carry the
complete system in his car or in a backpack when needed. The inspection of suspected items is quick
and simple and provides the highest image quality for on the spot decisions.

Tyre Inspection

In customs, check point officials must
perform a quick, non-intrusive and nondestructive inspection of suspected vehicles
and packages with whom they come across on a daily basis. The portable X-ray scanner
systems offer an excellent inspection solution for check points that do not have
large cargo or vehicle inspection systems or require a complementary solution.
It is ideal for contraband inspection such as ammunition, weapons, drugs, jewelry and alcohol.

Integration with EOD Robot

Can be assembled rapidly on-site.
Imaging plate using amorphous silicon technology, whose image is very clear.
Can operate with remote control in the rear. Powerful image enhancement and Analysis tools.
Intuitive interface,Image splicing infinite, simplicity of operation. User-friendly software.

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CXXM was founded in 1987 under license from the Peoples Republic of China with Special Excluded Military Export Authorization.

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- Bullet-resistant SWAT vans
- BATT Patrol vehicles
- Armored personnel carriers
- Bulletproof rapid deployment vehicles

The specification of the Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01

Technical Specification of the imaging plate
1 Detector Type Amorphous Silicon with TFT
2 Detector Area 433mm x 354mm (Standard)
3 Detector Thickness 15mm
4 Pixel pitch 154 µm
5 Pixel array 2816 x 2304 pixels
6 Pixel Depth 16 bits
7 Limiting Resolution 3.4 lp/mm
8 Image Acquisition Time 4-5s
9 Weight 6.4kg with battery
10 Power supply 220V AC/50Hz
11 Communication
Wired: 50 meters fiber on a roller, TCP/IP Ethernet
Wireless: 5G Wi-Fi , no less than 70m
12 Operating Temperature -10deg.+ 55deg.

Technical Specification-x-ray Generator
1 Operating Mode Pulse, it launches 4000 pulses each time when charged fully
3 Working hours More than 5 hours
4 Voltage 150kV
5 Penetration 50mm Aluminium Plate
6 Weight 5Kg with battery

Technical Specification – Imaging Station (PC)
1 Type Laptop computer
2 Processor Intel Core i5 processor
3 Display 13 or 14' Full High Definition LED Display
4 Memory 8GB
5 Hard Drive No less than 500GB
6 Operating system English MS Windows 10
7 Software
Automatic Optimization, Invert, Revert, Pseudo color image,
Rotate, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, Zoom, Deep Focus,
On screen measurement, Merge, Save, 3D image

The system comprises
1. Image Panel 1
2. X-ray Generator 1
3. Laptop 1
4. Module Box
(For Power Supply and Communication System) 1
5. Ethernet Cable 1
6. X-ray Wire Controller with cable(20m) 1
7. X-ray Wireless Controller 1
8. Image Panel Charger 1
9. X-ray Generator Charger 1
10. Laptop Adapter 1
11. Storage Box 1
12. Manual 1

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01  for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01  for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Portable X-ray Scanning System LFP-XRM01 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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