NEW SWAT Police bomber robot
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SWAT Police bomber  robot for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Tactical SWAT Police Bomber crawler Robot
SWAT police Trailblazer crawler robot is a new generation of advanced digital robot, equipped with auxiliary arm, 7 degrees of freedom mechanical arm and adjustable auxiliary support wheel, which can complete explosive disposal actions that are difficult to complete for ordinary explosive disposal robot.The robot has excellent off-road and climbing ability, can easily cross the steps, stairs, adapt to all kinds of gravel, sand, grassland and other terrain, can skillfully and efficiently perform various explosive disposal tasks, tactical tasks, nuclear and biochemical radioactive explosive cleaning tasks or other dangerous operation tasks.
Trailblazer uses a modular system architecture for compatibility with future enhancements and for ease of maintenance.
Select modules include:
Vehicle Control Unit
Embedded PC
Stalk Communication Mast
On-Board Cameras
Command Console
Several Modular Accessories

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? Outstanding capabilities for reach, lift, mobility, and deployment of EOD Tools & CBRN sensors
? Fourteen (14) I/O Ports for cameras, sensors and detection devices.
? Wide tracks and distance control feature,• Variable speedup to at least 8km/h (5mph), Drive system incorporates a gas suspension system for reduced vibration
? Low centre of gravity and high-torque motors provide excellent climbing abilities: ascend and descend inclines greater than 45 deg.
? Manipulator Arm with 7 Degrees of Freedom, Standard preset configurations for Manipulator Arm
? Variable speed control for Manipulator Arm with,significant lifting capability
? Low profile to reach under vehicles
? Turret and claw rotate 360 degrees in both directions
? Four independent firing circuits
? Four standard cameras
? Two-way directional audio communications
? Compact storage for transportation
? Two sets of three 12V sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries
? Typical operating time of 4+ hours (dependent,upon mission activity)
? Hard-anodized aluminum chassis, far,more resistant to wear than paint
? Ingress Protection IP66 (ROV), IP65 (Console)
? Weighs only 112 kg (2471b) (batteries included)for ease of transport in smaller response vehicles

New variable-position track Stance Control
? Raised Position for climbing stairs or raised obstacles
? Lowered Position for greater stability when lifting or delivering heavy payloads,and descending stairs
? Driving Position for maximizing track tension
? Maintenance Position for changing tracks
? Tracks can be adjusted to any position between Raised and Lowered to aid with mobility

- Seven (7) degrees of freedom
- Sever factory presets assist the end user with rapid positioning of the Manipulator
- Assembly for storage, battery access and weapon loading
- Eleven Picatinny Rails are mounted on the Arm Assembly, for optional cameras and accessories
- Four (4) independent firing circuits with safety features to attach four separate
electrically initiated payloads:
- Two on the left-hand side of the Upper Arm;
- One on the Wrist;and,
- One in the Claw
- 4 cameras included: Turret, Stalk, Wrist, and Gripper;Several optional cameras
- Turret Camera has 2 LED Clusters controlled independently from other
illumination.Turret Camera also includes built-in IR illumination.
- Stalk Camera has 2 high-intensity LEDs
- Wrist Camera brings clear vision at night with 0.5 lux performance and day/night
mode switching, with viewing distances of up to 5-10m.Wrist Camera also includes
built-in IR illumination.
- Gripper Camera provides an optimum view of the gripper when conducting
manipulation tasks

A directional two-way audio (intercom) system for communicating with people near the
- Diversity operating from 2.412 to 2.472 GHz; automatically selects the optimum channel to use to avoid contention.
- Line of Sight: Up to 1000m
- Non-line of Sight: Up to 300m

The GETAC Console controls the drive track movement, manipulator arm & claw, cameras
and optional devices, as well as firing tools.
The GETAC Console can view multiple cameras, X-Ray images, aiming cameras, etc. and display or send data from multiple
sensors to a secondary computer system.
Console is housed in a ruggedized laptop, weighs only 6kg(13.2 lbs) for ease of mobility,
and meets IP65.

Two video game type hand controllers included allowing more natural operation of the
ROV drive and manipulator systems
Quick Start Controller permits direct controller-to-ROV communication for basic ROV positioning
Console Controller permits controller-to-GETAC console communication for deployment at up to full wireless range.

- Heavy-duty claw with 300mm(12in)opening optionally includes an integrated wire cutter and belt cutter
- Multi-connector provides Power Over Ethernet (POE),firing port and reversible 24V DC power

The specification of the SWAT Police bomber robot

The Trailblazer UGV Standard Package includes the following:
Tracked UGV
UGV Hand Control
RF Diversity Station with Tripod
GETAC Command Console
Protective Case for Command Console
UGV Battery Charger 120/240 VAC
Two sets of batteries (3x12V SLA batteries)
Command Cable 150m (492ft)
Tool Kit
User manual
Wooden transport crate

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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