NEW XCMG GR5505 Heavy Motor grader
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XCMG GR5505 Heavy Motor grader for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW XCMG GR5505 LARGE Motor Grader Operating weight 74,000 kg

XCMGs GR5505 Motor Graders are high power machinery for heavy duty work, complete with operator comfort.
The GR5505 motor grader is mainly used for ground leveling, ditching, slope scraping, bulldozing, scarification, snow removal for large areas such as highway, airports, farmlands etc. It is the necessary construction machinery for national defense construction, mine construction, urban and rural road construction and water conservancy construction, farmland improvement and so on.

1. The friction-disc worm gearbox with overload protection is developed for the mining heavy load condition, which can slip automatically and protect the safety of the machine and personal.
2. Load sensing hydraulic system is equipped with variable piston pump and load sensing multi-way valve, in order to improve operation comfort, the pilot independent electrical proportional valve, the main directional valve and relief valve are proportional valves.
3. The service brake is a double-loop hydraulic braking system.
4. For serious environment condition, to analyze the matching analysis of the cooling system, conduct flow field analysis to power compartment machine, reasonable layout of the cooling holes, seal the clearance around the radiator, form the"chimney effect" of air duct design, reduce the hot air vortex. At the same time, the optimized hood design, spray anti-vertigo paint, beautiful shape.
5. The same time using ROPS&FOPS cabin to meet ISO standard. Equipped with air conditioning, adjustable suspension seat, equipped with wipers and defrosting vents to improve the comfort of operation.
6. Spacious cabin design, three-dimensional air duct, good driving experience. Double handle operation can be selected on the handle operation, reducing the labor intensity by about 80%.

? Efficient and Durable
? Maximised Performance
? Easy to operate
? Reliable & powerful engine
? Safe and Consistent
? Convenient repair & maintenance
? Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue
? Air conditioned cabin with temperature control
? Optimised control structure reducing operating force


* Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader, dump trucks etc.
Industry position
Business leader of China articulated Heavy dump truck.
Business standards maker of China articulated Heavy dump truck.

XCMG Showroom Location: Egypt, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Philippines, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, Argentina, South Korea, Chile, UAE, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Japan, Malaysia, Australia

? We sell all machinery at the factory selling price.
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? Minimum quantity 1 machine
? Delivery Time 20-25 days
? Supply Ability 30 units per month

? Operating weight(kg) 74,000
? Engine Perkins 2806D-E18TA
? Length 16430mm
? Ground Clearance Front Axle 890mm
? Certification EPA, CS, CE, ISO 9001:2000

Comfortable And Reliable
XCMGs GR1003 Motor Grader offers a remarkably comfortable, flexible and ergonomic control system, engineered for smooth and efficient operation. The single oil cylinder, large steering angle, and front axle are all XCMG patented technologies, which combined with an articulated frame and small turning radius, ensure greater manoeuvrability. A high resolution 10” LCD Screen gives the operator a commanding view of the rear of the machine while reversing. The ergonomically-designed steering wheel reduces operator fatigue and is full adjustable to suit all operators.

Operation And Safety
Full hydraulic braking system, load sensing steering, and optimised control structure reducing operating force by up to 30%. The dual circuit isolators in this Grader provide more flexibility for operators and repair personnel when performing service and maintenance operations - improving the overall safety of the machine. E-stops are located inside the cab as well as outside to the rear of the machine to ensure easy access to shut down the machine in case of an emergency.

Advanced Blade Design
The optimised blade shape works quickly and efficiently, whilst creating optimal load distribution and minimal material accumulation within the rotary disc area.

Strong power
using Weichai engine, matching hydraulic torque converter, selecting the optimal torque converter circulation circle diameter, realizing the best matching of torque converter and engine, reducing the time of starting and increasing the speed of the whole vehicle, and increasing the work at low speed. Torque output, powerful and powerful.

The specification of the XCMG GR5505 Heavy Motor grader

Engine Perkins 2806D-E18TA
Rated power/speed kw/rpm 447/2100
Traveling speed forward km/h 4.7/6.2/9.1/11.9/17.3
Performance Traveling speed reverse km/h 4.7/0.1/17.3/33
(f=0.75)Tracliveforce kN 380
Max.gradeability % 25
Min.turning radius using articulation m 7.3
Maximum lift above ground mm 450
Operating specification Maximum depth of cutting mm 500
Maximum blade position angle 90 deg.
Blade cutting angle 28~70 deg.
Blade Circle reversing rotation 360 deg.
Molo board width x height mm 7300 1607
Dimension(LxWxH) mm 14300x4200x4600
Operating weight(Standard) kg 63000

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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