NEW XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R
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XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R for sale

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Category: Underground Mining Drilling Rig
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R Shovel plate 3200 mm, length 11470 mm
Its applicable for underground tunneling of coal mine, water conservancy,road tunnel and other culverts.
EBZ200R machine is mainly used for coal roadway, semi-coal rock roadway and soft rock roadway and tunnel excavation,which coal rock hardness f≤8 ,to help realize continuous cutting, loading and transportation operations. The maximum positioning cutting section can reach 22m2 and the gradeability is 18 deg..

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? Certification CE, ISO9001: 2000
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? Minimum quantity 1 machine

? Machine weight 80t
?Machine height 1.8m
? Total width 3m

Performance of the EBZ200R Coal Roadheader

EBZ200R roadheader is designed as compact structure, low body, low center of gravity. Easy operation, good working performance.
1、Electric control system
EBZ200R roadheader flame proof and intrinsically safe switch box and control box with small size, light weight, flexible operation, which is safety and reliable: main controller is installed in a closed casing that can effectively block out electromagnetic interference; working condition is shown with LCD screen, menu mode is used for operating interface with flexible and safe parameter setting; it is equipped with functions such as overvoltage, motor overload, open-phase, short circuit, over temperature and earth leakage lockout.
2、Hydraulic system
The hydraulic system of EBZ200R roadheader adopts transfer case, several pumps control, with main hydraulic components coming from international brands.
3、Cutting head
The cutting head is optimized by utilizing simulation technique and picks come from Kennametal Co., Ltd. With reasonable layout and strong rock breaking capacity.
4、Spraying system
Spraying system of EBZ200R roadheader include inside and outside spray systems, of which the front is after-pick spraying which is used to strength outside spraying, the latter is reasonable in design and equipped with leakage detection function.
5、First freighter
Straight structure is adopted for first freighter, which can achieve smooth lapping with hauler bed and transportation.
6、Traveling mechanism
The traveling mechanism is a high integration of internationally advanced motor and reducer, whose big output torque can adapt to operations with large dip angle.

If there is limit for weight or total weight during transportation, it can be disassembled for transportation.

The specification of the XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R

Moving Type:Crawler
Overall weight:80000 kg
dinting undercut:225 mm
Ground clearance of machine:220 mm
Height of Range of positioning cutting:4800 mm
Width of Range of positioning cutting:6040 mm
Area of Range of positioning cutting:29 m²
Gantry height:400 mm
Compressure strength of coal petrography to be cut: ≤100/80 Mpa
Climbing capacity: -+ 18 deg.
Travelling speed:7 m/min
Grounding pressure:0.15 Mpa
Gross power:387 kW
Power of Cutting motor:200/150 kW
Power of pumping stations motor:132 kW
Supply voltage:AC1140V
Frequency of supply:50Hz
Rotation speed of cutting head:46/23 r/min
Loading capacity:Star wheel type/4.3 m³/min
Crawler width:650 mm
Out. Width of crawlers:2700 mm
Tensioning style:Cylinder tensioning and snap-gauge locking
Water pressure of outside spraying:≥2.5 MPa
Water pressure of inside spraying:≥3 MPa
Max. non-removable parts size:3.68-1.39-1.48 m
Max. non-removable parts mass:8500 kg

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R  for sale XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R  for sale XCMG EBZ Series Coal Roadheader EBZ200R for sale

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