NEW XCMG Mining Excavator XE1200
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XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200 for sale

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Category: Mining Hydraulic Excavator
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW XCMG XE1200 Mining crawler Excavator Operating weight(kg) 115000, Bucket capacity 7m3

The XE series of large mining hydraulic excavators bring you an extraordinary driving experience with lean manufacturing, professional design and excellent reliability. Moreover, this series of products boast strong excavating power and quick operating speed, making them have matchless operating performance and economic efficiency even in severe mining condition.

1. High-end configurations: crucial components and parts are globally advanced brands.
2. High working efficiency, stronger digging force and lower fuel consumption.
3. Humanized design, convenient for maintenance and has lower use cost.
4. The vehicle has a high safety level: FOPS cab is equipped with guardrail, emergency shutdown switch, alarm lamp and camera, etc.
5. Automatic lubrication system is a standard configuration that reduces grease injection time and increases working efficiency.

* Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader, mining machinery and equipment etc.

? Certification CE, ISO9001: 2000
? We sell all machinery at the factory selling price.
? All machines are in stock and ready for shipment
? Minimum quantity 1 machine

? Operating weight(kg) 115000
? Engine QSK23(cummins) 567/1800 Kw/rpm
? Bucket capacity(m³) 7
? Max.digging height mm 12500
? Max.digging depth mm 8110
? Delivery Time 30 days

Ecological and economical
? Professional customized engine greatly improves fuel economy.
? Hydraulic oil flow regeneration system ensures optimum machine performance.
? Independent cooling system automatically adjusts fan speed.
Multiple applications
? Different boom, arm and bucket combinations can adapt to as many working conditions as possible.
? Multi-functional intelligent work tool control system can meet different operating requirements such as digging, breaking and dismantling.
? Instantaneous pressurization function copes with complex working conditions.

Features of XCMG Mining Excavator XE1200

* More energy-conservation and environmental protection

? By adopting the engine which complies with national stage III emission standard and features with direct injection, four strokes, water cooling, turbocharging, air to air intercooler and six-cylinder, it can meet mining application requirements. Blending with proven, sturdy and durable parts and delicate manufacturing process, higher reliability and efficiency can be achieved.
* More efficient return
? By adopting the full electric control engine with low speed and large torque customization which complies with excavating working conditions, the torque reserve can be improved by 11% and the oil consumption can be reduced by 9%.
? With high- efficient and large displacement rotary motor, the rotating torque of the whole machine can be improved by 8.8%.
* More reliable and durable
? High quality integrated electric system, with higher indicator and electric centralized control, the design is more concise and the system is more reliable.
? Replace the bellows with imported expansion tube, the durability and reliability can be greatly improved. By adopting the large-diameter silencer, the exhaust back pressure and noise will be reduced. ? With the starting motor with higher dust-proof capability adopted, high reliability and strong mining adaptability can be achieved. Improve the material of intake silicon tube of intercooler and structure of intake to reduce the intake resistance in order to avoid the pipe explosion.

The specification of the XCMG Mining Excavator XE1200

Operation Weight Kg 115000
Bucket Capacity m³ 7
Model / QSK23(cummins)
Direct injection / +
Four strokes / +
Water cooling / +
Turbo-charging / +
to air intercooler / +
No.of cylinders / 6
Output power Kw/rpm 567/1800
Torque/Speed N.m 3468/1350
Displacement L 23.15
Main performance
Travel speed(H/L) Km/h 3.3/2.2
Rotating speed r/min 5.1
Gradeability 30 deg.
Groud pressure kPa 143
Bucket digging force kN 597
Arm crowd force kN 470
Maximum traction kN 746
Hydraulic system
Main pump / 3 Piston pump
Rated flow of main pump L/min 3x531
Pressure of prime valve MPa 34.3
Pressure of travel system MPa 34.3
Pressure of swing system MPa 27.8
Pressure of pilot system MPa 3.9
Oil capacity
Fuel tank capacity L 1460
Hydraulic tank capacity L 640
Engine oil capacity L 75
Outline dimension
Overall length mm 14610
Overall width mm 5470
Overall height mm 6160
Width of platform mm 3450
Length of crawler mm 6500
Overall width of chassis mm 4600
Width of crawler mm 700
Track length on ground mm 5090
Crawler gauge mm 3900
Clearance under counterweight mm 1880
Min.ground clearance mm 1070
Min tail swing radius mm 4850
Height of crawler mm 1710
Working scope
Max.digging height mm 12500
Max.dumping height mm 7990
Max.digging depth mm 8110
8-inch horizontalplane digging depth mm 7990
Max.vertical wall digging depth mm 5390
Max.digging reach mm 13860
Standard Length of boom mm 7550
Length of arm mm 3400
Bucket capacity m³ 7

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200  for sale XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200  for sale XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200 for sale XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale XCMG  Mining Excavator XE1200 | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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