NEW XCMG XT670-70 Telescopic Handler loader
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XCMG  XT670-70 Telescopic Handler loader for sale

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Category: Teleporter Handler loaders
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW XCMG XT670-70 Telescopic Handler with leading highest lifting height 16.7m.
Min. Turning radius 3.8m for excellent adaptability.

XC6 is the latest XCMG agricultural version telehandler which features the highest operation simplicity, safety and efficiency. The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system and continuously variable drive technology achieve more stable and reliable operations. The intelligent independent cooling system features high energy-saving and efficiency. The panoramic cab and the XCMGs visual identity appearance design feature good fashion and elegance.

Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader etc.
Industry position
Business leader of China telescopic handlers.
Business standards maker of China telescopic handlers.

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? Minimum quantity 1 machine

? Machine Weight: 7850kg
? Engine Deutz diesel 70kW
? Max payload 3500 kg
? Max.lifting height 7150 mm
? Max. Speed 38km/h.
? Delivery Time 7-10 days
? Supply Ability 100 units per month
? This machine can be equipped with diversified attachments, including aerial platform, bucket, and bale clamp, Grab, long forks, to meet the users individual needs.

Features of XCMG XT670-70 telehandler

New FOPS & ROPS cabin and integrated opening engine hood.
Powerful international brand engines; Special CARRARO transmissions and axles for smooth drive.
Top class full hydraulic wet brake system for reliable brake and safety traveling.
Optional torque limit system for extreme working conditions.
Optional aerial working platform, bucket and various tools to meet customer needs.
All metal moulded cab, strong structure, luxurious interior, seamless glass docking, wider vision, beautiful appearance, long to maintain the new car color.
With compact short wheelbase and lateral engine arrangement, this machine features high handinessand flexibility.
The integrated static-pressure stepless variable drive system realizes full speed range drive and stable driving.
The four-wheel drive and multiple steering modes (including four-wheel, two-wheel, and crab steering modes) realize super-strong off-road capability and adapt to diversified working conditions.
The frame leveling function equipped realizes powerful site adaptability and meets the needs of diversified working conditions.
The inching control technology and special overload control system are applied to achieve high operation safety and reliability.
The electro-hydraulic proportional control for the working system features accurate, stable, and efficient operations.
The advanced human-machine interactivity, intelligent heat dissipation system, and dedusting control system embody high technologic sense and intelligence.

Super strong structure and reliability
? Applied FEM analysis on frames and extension arms to reduce stresses and fit harsh working conditions.
? Applied full hydraulic wet brake system for stable and reliable brake.
? Applied water-proof and anti-dust sealing connectors with reliable performance.

Extreme efficient and performance
? Special CARRARO full electrical-control transmissions with compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
? Electrohydraulic proportional control working system for accurate operations.
? Auto flow compensation forks during boom swing process to ensure lifting stability and safety at a high position.

Comfort drive and easy operation
? Luxury and comfortable cabin with soundproof, thermal insulation, vibration and open visionary.
? Ergonomic joysticks and dashboard layout, suspension seat for operators easy operations.
? International brand air-conditioner to ensure proper temperature inside the cabin.
? Equipped with radio, storage grids, cup seats, lighter for human designing.

Safe operation and easy maintenance
? FOPS&ROPS cabin, extinguisher and rescue hammer are equipped to ensure operators safe operation.
? With leveling function equipped with, excellent adaptability for various working sites and working conditions.
? Integrated opening engine hood for easier and quick ? maintenance.
Hydrostatic drive technology, which improves drive efficiency to the utmost extent.

The specification of the XCMG XT670-70 Telescopic Handler loader

machine weight(+-5%) 7850kg
engine power rate Deutz diesel 70kW
max payload 3500kg
payload under max.extension 1250kg
max.lifting height(+-100) 7150mm
max.outreach(+-100) 3600mm
load center distance 600mm
swing angle(+-1) ˉ3~65ged.
fork decline angle forwards(+-1.5) 90ged.
fork decline angle backwards(+-1) 17.5ged.
max.traction force ≥55kN
gradeability ≥40 ged. speed(+-5%) 30km/h
turning radius(outer of the tire) ≤ 3880mm
brake distance ≤ 8m
total length(+-2%) 4995mm
total height(+-2%) 2470mm
total width(+-%) 2250mm
wheelbase(+-2%) 2985mm
tread(+-2%) 1840mm
fork length 1200mm

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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