NEW Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine
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Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW 5HGM-10H Mix-flow Type Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine with 10 ton per batch
1. Capacity: 10 tons per batch;
2. Mixed-flow drying, high efficiency and uniform drying;
3. Batched and circulation type grain dryer;
4. Indirect heating and clean hot air for drying material without any pollution

Size: 6206×3310×9254mm
Blower motor: 7.5kw
Total power of motors/ Voltage: 9.98kw/380V
Type Batch type, Circulation, Low temperature, Mix-flow
Volume(t) 10.0 (Based on paddy 560kg/m3)
Volume(t) 11.5 (Based on wheat 680kg/m3)
Overall dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 6206×3310×9254

The 5HGM series grain dryer is low temperature type circulation batch type grain dryer. This grain dryer machine is mainly used to dry rice, wheat, corn, soybean etc. The dryer is applicable to various combustion furnaces and coal, oil, firewood, straw of crops and husks can all be used as heat source. The machine is automatically controlled by computer. The drying process is dynamically automatic. Besides, the grain drying machine is equipped with automatic temperature measuring device and moisture detecting device, which greatly increase the automation and ensure the quality of the dried cereals.

Features of the Mix-flow Type Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine:
1. Multifunctional design which is applied to paddy, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed and other seeds;
2. The drying layer is combined by variable cross-section type angular boxes, mixed flow drying, high efficiency and uniform drying; Especially suitable for corn, parboiled rice and rapeseeds drying;
3. Temperature & moisture are monitored throughout the complete duration of the work, automatically, safely and fleetly;
4. In order to avoid the excessive drying, then adopts the automatic water testing stopping devices;
5. The drying-layers adopt assembling mode, its strength is higher than the welding drying-layers, more convenient for maintenance and installation;
6. All the contact surfaces with grains in the drying-layers are designed with inclination, which can effectively offset the transverse force of grains, help to prolong the service life of the drying-layers;
7. The drying-layers has larger ventilation area, the drying is more uniform, and the utilization rate of hot air is significantly improved;
8. Adopts computer control help to achieve circulation drying.

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The specification of the Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine

Model Drying Machine 5HGM-10H
Type Batch type, Circulation, Low temperature, Mix-flow
Volume(t) 10.0 (Based on paddy 560kg/m3)
Volume(t) 11.5 (Based on wheat 680kg/m3)
Overall dimension(mm)(L×W×H) 6206×3310×9254
Structure weight(kg) 1610
Drying capacity (kg/h) 500-700
(Moisture from 25% to 14.5%)
Hot air source Burner(Diesel or natural gas)
Hot blast stove(coal, husk, straw, biomass )
Boiler(steam or Heat transfer oil)
Blower motor(kw) 7.5
Total power of motors(kw)/ Voltage(v) 9.98/380
Time of feeding(min) Paddy 35~50
Wheat 37~52
Time of discharging(min) Paddy 33~48
Wheat 38~50
Moisture reduction rate Paddy 0.4~1.0% per hour
Wheat 0.4~1.2% per hour
Automatic control and safety device
Automatic moisture meter, automatic ignition, automatic stop, temperature control device, fault alarm device, full grain alarm device, electrical overload protection device, leakage protection device

1. The moisture reduction rate listed above is reference value. Effected by the air temperature outside, relative humidity, the variety of drying and so on, the actual value will be a little different:
(1) Raw grain condition: moisture < 30%, straw mixed rate < 2%, other inclusion mixed rate < 1%. The parameters may be changed when the raw grain with high moisture.
(2) The parameters using environmental conditions is air temperature 20℃, relative humidity 60%~80%.
2. The heat source is 0 # diesel (air temperature under 10 ℃ use - 10 # diesel) burner to direct heating.

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine  for sale Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine  for sale Mix-flow Paddy/Wheat/Corn/Soybean Drying Machine for sale

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