NEW Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller
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Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller for sale

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Category: Road Rollers
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Shantui SR12-5 SINGLE DRUM TYPE road Roller compactor
The most reliable, powerful helper at a minimal price from the world-renowned brand
Mainly used in foundation ditch, road, sports venues built compaction,can also be used to compact asphalt surface.

ENGINE POWER With 105kW/2200rpm , this engine conforms to China-II emission regulation.
Certification: CE, ISO9001, CCC

Operating radius is small, can work in a small area, suitable for groove backfill.
With HONDA gasoline engine or famous diesel engine,superior performance, easy to start.
With international famous brand SAUER hydraulic drive unit, and infinitely variable speed, walking forward and backward,reversing convenient.
Electrical startup,electro magnetic clutch vibration control,easier operation.
Luxurious seats,convenient adjustment,and work comfortable.
With international famous NSK bearing, ensure the good performance of the machine.
Surface spray, beautiful appearance, rust resistant.

Shantui SR12-5 Driving/Riding Environment

- The drive mode adopts hydrostatically driven traveling and (front and rear drums) double drive to achieve stronger gradeability.
The speed changeover is electronically controlled to realize easy, simple, and comfortable operations. The two-speed stepless speed regulation guarantees the working at most appropriate speed under diversified working conditions.
- The articulated full-hydraulic steering system features flexible and convenient steering.
The steering gear adopts U.S. Eaton product and incorporates FK combination valve to achieve high flow, low steering force, and overload protection and cushioning function.
- The brake system composed of the brakes on drive axle and vibratory drum reducer and the hydrostatic brake of closed type hydraulic system incorporates the service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake functions to guarantee the driving safety and reliability.
- The all-new streamline design guarantees smooth, neat, and elegant machine modeling.
- With luxury upholstery, the cab in polyhedral structure features broad visual field and large space.

Shantui SR12-5 - Working performance

- The closed-loop vibrating hydraulic system is applied. With double-frequency and double-amplitude, its scientifically reasonable static linear load and exciting force configuration guarantees the effective compacting for the materials of diversified types and the pavements of diversified thicknesses.
- The imported heavy-duty variable displacement plunger pump is applied for the vibrating pump and the vibrating system is electronically controlled to realize simple operations and guarantee the reliability and flexibility of vibrating system.
All the hydraulic elements come from the Germany Linde.
- The vibrating drum adopts the new structure of Shantuis proprietary technology to thoroughly solve the oil leakage/permeation problem of vibrating drum and achieve high eccentric mass, high exciting force, and high static linear pressure of vibrating drum.
- The vibrating chamber is internally installed with unique lubrication device to well lubricate the vibrating bearings.
The road roller special vibrating bearings are used, featuring high limit speed, high rated load, and long life.

High maintenance convenience of the Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller

- The hood of large opening angle eases the maintenances of engine and hydraulic system.
- All maintenances points can be fulfilled on the ground.
- The traction hydraulic system can be used for short-distance towing.

Operating cost of the Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller

- Weichai WP6G140E22 turbocharged engine is installed, featuring high efficiency, simple structure, and low failure rate.
- The core electric and hydraulic parts of imported brands guarantee high quality and reliability and reduce the malfunction downtime.
- High value maintenance.

The specification of the Shantui SR12-5 single drum road Roller

Parameter name SR12-5
Performance parameters
Operating weight (Kg) 12000
Exciting force (KN) 290/200
Vibration frequency (Hz) 30/35
Nominal amplitude (mm) 2/1.0
Ground pressure (KPa) -
Gradeability (%) 48
Engine model WP6G140E22
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 105/2200
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 5934*2275*3214
Driving performance
Forward speed (km/h) F1:0-5.3,F2:0-9.9
Reversing speed (km/h) R1:0-5.3,R2:0-9.9
Fuel tank (L) 230
Working device
Compacting width(mm) 2130

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