NEW Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor
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Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor for sale

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Category: Road Rollers
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor (Standard version)
ENGINE POWER With 178kW/2200rpm, this engine conforms to China-III emission regulation.

Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor Working performance
- The installed Weichai China-III electronic control engine can maintain the machine under best working status with strong power to ensure the compacting quality and high efficiency and energy-saving.
- The hydro-mechanically driven power drive system is professionally designed and precisely manufactured specially for severe waste treatment environment and provide higher productivity.
- The high capacity blade can bulldoze the waste during the compacting to improve the operating efficiency.
- The professionally designed compacting drum guarantees the effective compacting and crushing of the waste. The compacting teeth are made of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant material to prolong the life of compacting drum.

High maintenance convenience
- The design of automatic centralized lubrication eases the users maintenances and the rear hood adopts combination openable structure and the cab can be tilted for 50° to promote the repair and maintenance convenience.
- The connection between blade and front frame adopts unique seat bolted cover and ball joint to ease the assembling, which can be easily replaced if worn.

High operating comfort
- The full-enclosed cab and the air purifier can guard the driver against the influence of severe working environment.
-The traveling of machine is controlled by electronic control shifting joystick to achieve comfortable and handy - The lifting of blade is controlled by electronic control joystick to achieve simple, flexible, and convenient operations.

Operating cost
- The proprietary match technology and the optimal power curve can achieve high operating efficiency and reasonable fuel economy and reduce the composite fuel consumption by 5%~8%.
- The core electric and hydraulic parts of imported brands guarantee high reliability and reduce the malfunction downtime.
- High value maintenance.

The specification of the Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor

Parameter name HW26MR-3 (Standard version)
Operating weight (Kg) 26000
Engine model WP10
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 178/2200
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 7930*3660*3925
Forward speed (km/h) 4.82/7.66/11.6
Reversing speed (km/h) 4.82/7.66
Fuel tank (L) 440
Compacting width (mm) 3360

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Shantui HW26MR-3 Refuse compactor  for sale

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