NEW Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP120
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Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC   CBP120 for sale

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NEW Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP120 120m3/h
It is suitable for supplying concrete production of various types such as hydropower, highways, ports, airports, bridges and other construction projects, as well as the construction of commercial concrete batching plants.

More, Faster, Better, More Economical

- Better capacity, fast return on investment
- Faster to assemble and disassemble, convenient to transit
- Better reliability and environment protection
- Less land occupation and energy consumption

TOPMAC has the leading position in the international market of small batch plant. We manufacture these plants with dedicated care of our skilled professional, to meet the different requiring of customers. It is well known due to its durability and easy maintenance.

It depends on your preference and the distance of the batching plant from your job site. Ready-mix concrete plants are perfect when the batching plant is far away from the job site. In this way, you can make sure to have fresh concrete on your site. On the other hand, if there is a batching plant close to your site the central-mix concrete plant is the best choice. These concrete batching plants produce more high-quality concrete as well because the amount of water for the mixture is added automatically.

TOPMAC batching plants are perfect for temporary construction sites or construction projects where the equipment would only be needed for specific and brief portions of the projects. TOPMAC batching plants are perfect for temporary construction sites or construction projects where the equipment would only be concrete equipment can be easily installed and dismantled and as such require very minimal preparation or set up before use.

Advantages of the Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant
1. High Production Performance
2. High Quality and Precise Concrete Production (with Fully Automated Computerized Control System)
3. Different Layout Options according to Customer Requirements
4. Possibility for Different Kinds of Concrete Production with Different Type of Mixers

Shotcrete Type: Wet
Machining Process: Vacuum
Structure: Rotor Type
Capacity (m3/h) 120
Mixer JS2000
Batch machine 3/4 * 12m3-3200litre
Max. Aggr. Size (mm) ≤ 80
Transport Package 40hq /1 Unit Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant
Certification ISO 9001: 2000
Production Capacity 500 Unit. /Month Concrete Mixing Plant

Ingredients used in concrete:
- Powdered Portland cement
- Water
- Aggregates
- Reinforcements
- Chemical and mineral admixtures
To mix these ingredients there are standard ratios that should be considered when mixing them in the concrete batching plant.

Topall concrete batching plant models consist of:

1) JS500 mixer with 3.8m discharging height and pneumatic control discharging gate
2) compresss air with pipe system
3) 1200 litre 3-bin batching machine with aggregate weighing system
4) 12m screw conveyor
5) 2.5 ton manual cement loading hopper
6) operating room with AC
7) full automatic control system and control panel
8) cement, aggregate, water, additive agent, weight weighing system included

Concrete batching plant process flow
The working of a stationary concrete batching plant is similar to that of a mobile plant. Atlas stationary concrete batch plants process starts from feeding of the aggregates into the feeder bins. It ends when the ready mix concrete is discharged from the mixing unit. The stationary unit is bigger in size, it occupies more space to setup and it is preferred by contractors who want to churn out bigger volumes without moving very often.

The working principle is dependent on 5 main functions like below:

1. Aggregate feeding: It means that aggregates and sand have to be fed to the feeding unit.
2. Binder feeding: Binder refers to cement, fly ash, additives materials that will help to bond the material.
3. Water feeding: Water is important component. A fixed quantity of water as per the recipe will help bind the ready mix material.
4. Storage: Storage here refers to the storage of cement, fly ash, etc. These materials are stored in different storage compartments. They are weighed into weighing hoppers and then added into mixing unit.
5. Controls: Plant control panel is important component and it is responsible for controlling the working of the plant.

In the Stationary Concrete Batching Plants cement is applied as a binding material for mixing sand, water, and aggregates and major additives as well to produce concrete in a fast manner for the civil construction projects. The gathering conveyor belt runs below the bins where weighing of aggregates takes place and the aggregate are then discharged onto the charging conveyor. Pneumatically operated gates are provided for discharge of the aggregate on to the gathering conveyor.

Modern wet batching concrete plants combine all the ingredients required to make concrete before it's moved to the mixing trucks. Central-mix batching plants utilise plant-mounted mixers where you place all the concrete ingredients.
Latest-model adopts a twin shaft paddle mixer, which has a strong mixing quality. This can ensure there is no or less residual in the twin shaft concrete mixer, save materials and save cost.
With a Central Mix plant, all loads see the same mixing action and there is an initial quality control point when discharging from the central mixer. Wet mix plants are accessible in versatile and stationary models.
The best mechanical design worked into the item seeks for uniform mixing without detachment, correct proportioning and blending of aggregates and included substances. The wet mix plant conveys precisely mixed cold mix, emulsion treated mixes etc.

The specification of the Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC CBP120

Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant CBP120
Capacity (m3/h) 120
Mixer JS2000
Batch machine 3/4 * 12m3-3200litre
Max. Aggr. Size (mm) ≤ 80
Aggr. scale (0-4500)kg, +-2%
Water scale (0-500)kg, +-1%
Cement scale (0-1500)kg, +-1%
Additive scale (0-50)kg, +-1%
Discharging height (m) 3.8
Total power (hp/kW) 230 / 170
Total weight (ton) 48
Area for installation (m2) 25 * 25
Container number for shipment 4*40HQ + 1*40HD'

TOPALL reserves the right to alter details and specifications without notice.

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Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC   CBP120  for sale Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC   CBP120  for sale Modular, Containerized Concrete Batching Plant TOPMAC   CBP120 for sale

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