NEW Deepsea DSE890 Remote generator engine controller
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Deepsea DSE890 Remote  generator engine controller for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Deepsea DSE890 Remote generator engine controller

The DSE890 MKII is an Ethernet/4G gateway device that enables compatible DSE controllers to be monitored remotely via DSEWebNet® software or third-party MQTT brokers.
REQUIRES - Combined 4G LTE (Main & Diversity) and GPS Antenna - 020-1053 if 4G Signal is Needed.

Unit also fully compatible with 2G & 3G.
The DSE890 MKII gateway communicates with a maximum of five connected DSE controllers, monitoring instrumentation and operating states. When this data changes, data is logged internally and transmitted from the gateway device to the DSEWebNet® or MQTT broker (Amazon Web Services, Google, IBM etc..).

DSEWebNet® software is accessed using an Internet browser or the dedicated app. Users are able to perform multiple tasks including: monitoring equipment, clearing alarm conditions, starting/stopping equipment and monitoring fuel levels.

The DSE890 Remote Control module communicates to a maximum of five connected DSE controller(s), monitoring the instrumentation and operating state. When this data changes, the new data is logged in the internal memory. At regular intervals the logged data is transmitted to the DSE hosted server.

The DSE hosted server is then integrated into the DSEWebNet which can be accessed via an internet connected device and web browser to allow remote monitoring and control of multiple DSE controllers worldwide. GSM, GPS and combined GSM & GPS antennas are available as accessories.

DSEWebNet Gateway - 3G (GSM) & Ethernet

The Gateway connects to the DSE data server by integral Ethernet connection or GPRS (GSM or 3G
mobile internet) and includes GPS (satellite location) functionality. This is most suited to remote and/or mobile locations.


User Configurable Access
Allocate different user privileges, giving admin users the ability to provide full control or read only
access, to prevent accidental system changes.

Single User or Organisational Accounts
Operate as a single user with full control or create an organisational account allowing access to multiple
users with flexible permissions.

Configurable Reporting
Choose the reports you want to see and send automatically by email or
SMS to a maximum of 25 users.

Configurable User Interfaces
Create bespoke user interfaces using configurable widgets and templates to allow quick and easy access
to key equipment and site data.

Customisable Branding
Organisational accounts allow custom branded backgrounds and logos to be used, producing screens
with a bespoke corporate identity.

App for Mobile & Tablet
Available for iOS and Android devices. The App can be linked to sites pre-configured
using a desktop connection.

Geo-Fencing & Asset Tracking
Protect against theft or movement by creating a virtual geographic boundary around your
equipment using GPS.

Maintenance Scheduling & Logging
Plan and customise essential maintenance schedules and keep logs of previous maintenance
work for all users to view.

Event Triggers
Set up event triggers to email or message users when specific conditions occur, including active alarms, low fuel levels and genset status.

Works across any phone network
Compatible with SIM cards from any network provider, allowing our DSE890 and DSE891 to be used globally

- Built-in governor control
- Automatic speed control
- Manual speed control via push buttons, digital input or analogue
- Automatic speed ramping
- Flexible automatic start control
- Clutch control
- 4-Line back-lit LCD text display
- Multiple display languages
- Five key menu navigation
- Front panel editing with PIN protection
- Customisable status screens
- Power save off mode
- Configurable digital inputs (11)
- Configurable ratiometric
inputs (12)
- Configurable DC outputs (4)
- Configurable volt-free outputs (2)
- Configurable PWMi outputs (4)
- Configurable timers and alarms
- 3 configurable maintenance alarms
- Multiple date and time engine
- Configurable event log (250)
- CAN engine support
- Advanced Integral PLC editor
CAN, Magnetic Pick-up or
tachometer speed sensing
- Fuel usage monitor and low fuel
- Charge alternator failure alarm
- Manual fuel pump control
- “Protections disabled' feature
- LED and LCD alarm indication
- USB connectivity
- Backed up real time clock
- Fully configurable via DSE
Configuration Suite PC software
- Configurable display languag-
- Remote SCADA monitoring via DSE
Configuration Suite PC software
- User selectable RS232, RS485 &
Ethernet communications
- Modbus RTU & TCP support
- User configurable MODBUS pages
- Advanced SMS control and fault messaging (additional GSM modem required)
- Start & stop capability via SMS messaging
- Additional display screens to help with modem diagnostics
- DSENet® expansion compatible
- Data logging and trending

- 132 x 64 pixel ratio display for clarity
- Real-time clock provides accurate event logging
- Set maintenance periods can be
configured to maintain optimum engine performance
- Ethernet communications provides built in advanced remote
- Can be integrated into remote monitoring systems
- Increased input and output expansion capability via DSENet®
- Licence-free PC software
- IP65 rating (with supplied gasket) offers increased resistance to water
- Advanced PLC editor allows user configurable functions to meet application requirements.
- Automatic speed control
- Manual speed control via push buttons, digital input or analogue

The specification of the Deepsea DSE890 Remote generator engine controller

OVERALL SIZE 85 mm x 149 mm x 51 mm (3.4' x 5.9' x 2.0')
WEIGHT 0.23kg
PRODUCT VARIANTS 0890-04 - 890 DSEWebnet® / IoT Gateway - 4G GSM/Ethernet

Warranty terms service
12 months
Deepsea DSE890 Remote  generator engine controller  for sale Deepsea DSE890 Remote  generator engine controller  for sale

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