NEW Deep Sea DSE8610 Synchronising & Control Module
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Deep Sea DSE8610 Synchronising & Control Module for sale

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Category: Controller
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
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DSE8610 Synchronising & Load Sharing Control Module:

The DSE8610 MKII is an easy to use Synchronising Auto Start Control
Module suitable for use in a multi-generator loadshare system, designed to
synchronise up to 32 generators including electronic and non-electronic engines.
The DSE8610 MKII monitors the generator and indicates operational status and
fault conditions, automatically starting or stopping the engine on load demand or
fault condition.

System alarms are annunciated on the LCD screen (multiple language
options available), illuminated LED and audible sounder.

The event log will record 250 eventsto facilitate easy maintenance, and an
extensive number of fixed and flexible monitoring, metering and protection
features are included.

Designed to offer increased built in support for active sensors for 0 V to 10 V & 4
mA to 20 mA.
Comprehensive communication and system expansion options are

Using the DSE PC Configuration Suite Software allows easy alteration of the
operational sequences, timers and alarms. With all communication ports
capable of being active at the same time, the DSE8610 MKII is ideal for a
wide variety of demanding load share applications.


  1. Mains (utility) failure detection
  2. Comprehensive synchronising & loadsharing capabilities
  3. Built-in governor and AVR control
  4. Base load (kW export) functionality
  5. Positive & negative kVAr export control
  6. Peak lopping & shaving functionality
  7. Mains (utility) power (kW, kV Ar, kV A & pf) monitoring
  8. Mains (utility) de-coupling protection
  9. Generator power (kW, kV Ar, kV A & pf) monitoring
  10. Overload (kW & kV Ar) protection
  11. Reverse power (kW & kV Ar) protection
  12. Mains (utility) kW export protection
  13. Unbalanced load protection
  14. Independent earth fault protection
  15. Advanced integral PLC editor
  16. 11 Configurable inputs
  17. 8 Configurable outputs
  18. Configurable flexible sensor inputs
  19. DSENet ® expansion compatibility
  20. User configurable RS232, RS485 and Ethernet communications via USB
  21. 4 Line back-lit LCD text display
  22. LED and LCD alarm indication
  23. Configurable display languages
  24. USB connectivity
  25. Customisable status screens
  26. Five key menu navigation
  27. 3 Configurable maintenance alarms
  28. Multiple date and time run scheduler
  29. Manual fuel pump control
  30. Fuel usage monitor and low fuel level protection
  31. Charge alternator failure protection
  32. Load switching (load sheddingand dummy load control)
  33. Configurable event log (250)
  34. Backed up real time clock
  35. Remote SCADA monitoring via various DSE software applications
  36. MODBUS RTU & TCP support
  37. User configurable MODBUS Pages
  38. Advanced SMS control and fault messaging (additional GSM modem required)
  39. Easy access diagnostic pages including modem diagnostic pages
  40. Data logging and trending
  41. CAN, MPU and Frequency speed sensing
  42. Tier 4 CAN engine support
  43. 'Protections disabled' feature
  44. Front panel editing with PIN protection
  45. Fully configurable using DSE Configuration Suite PC software


  1. Compatible with DSE8003
  2. 132 x 64 pixel ratio display for clarity
  3. Real-time clock provides accurate event logging
  4. Ethernet communication, provides builit in advanced remote monitoring.
  5. Can be integrated into building management systems (BMS) and programmable logic control (PLC)
  6. Increased input and output expansion capability via DSENet ®
  7. Licence-free PC software
  8. IP65 rating (with supplied gasket) offers increased resistance to water ingress
  9. Advanced Internal PLC editor allows user configurable functions to meet specific application requirements.

Warranty terms service
12 months
Deep Sea DSE8610 Synchronising & Control Module  for sale

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