Yuchai Diesel GenSet HTD-58GF
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Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF

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Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW Yuchai Diesel Engines silent Generator Set HTD-58GF
Prime Power(KVA/KW) 73/58
Standby Power(KVA/KW) 80/64
Yuchai engine is the leading engine manufacturer in China. It locates in Yulin, Guangxi. Yuchai engines emission meets China emission stage III to Euro VI. Yuchai acquired the in-cylinder direct injection technology, researched and developed by it own to develop ECU controller for YC diesel engine and make it apply widely successfully.

Product Advantages of of Yuchai Engine Diesel Generator Set:

1. Power range from 20KW to 1500KW, digital control system with high intelligence.
2. Small vibration, low noise and high reliability.
3. Low emissions,meet the environmental protection requirements.
4. Innovative design、 high mobility、low center of gravity、strong power、sophisticated manufacture、beautiful appearance and compact structure.
5. More durable because of the thick oil tube selection,avoid the oil leakage owing to tubing damage caused by vibration.
6. Large power reserve, stable operation, wonderful speed regulation performance and low fuel consumption.

Supply Standards of of Yuchai Engine Diesel Generator Set:
- Diesel Engine: Yuchai direct injection internal combustion diesel engine
- Alternator: Brush-less self-excited AC synchronous generator (optional PMG!)
- Radiator with safety protection device
- 24V starting motor, 24V self-charging generator, LCD intelligent self-starting control system
- MCCB air protective switch
- Built-in stainless steel absorber for general bottom frame
- High-performance maintenance-free lead-acid battery and copper battery connection cable
- Pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant fuel inlet and return oil pipelines, and a fast oil drain valve installed at the bottom of the diesel engine
- Documentation:
engine and generator original technical data
controller operation manual
instruction and maintenance manual
test report
delivery list

Optional Parts of of Yuchai Engine Diesel Generator Set:
Automatic parallel cabinet
Soundproof canopy
Container Canopy
Trailer base
Truck base
Daily fuel tank
50°C Radiator
Anti Condensation Heater
Water and Oil heater

Certifications of Yuchai Engine Diesel Diesel Engines Generator Set

Applications Yuchai Engine Diesel Set open & soundproof:

1. Industrial area: real estate, hospital, hotel, bank, construction, factory, oil field, airport, mining, railway, etc
2. Home use: personal use for house, camping, party, etc
3. Telecom, Mobile tower, etc
4. Island, Desert or any place without electricity
5. As for emergency equipment special for natural disasters, such as typhoon, earthquake, heavy snow, etc.
6. Standby power or main power, indoor or outdoor using.
7. Rental field.

Competitive Advantage Yuchai engine Diesel Generator Set open & soundproof:

1. Full power range.
2. All genuine engines and alternators.
3. The components we use are in high quality.
4. Fast delivery. Big quantity of Engines in stock.
5. The generator set is mounted on a heavy duty fabricated steel skid type base-frame with anti vibration mounting pads.
6. Use high standard of sponge to make soundproof.
7. The canopy design is user friendly, and easy for maintenance.
8. Pre and after sales service is provided.
9. Fast response for the inquires, service, etc.
Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF  for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF  for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale Yuchai  Diesel  GenSet HTD-58GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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