NEW N125A DTH Hammer
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N125A DTH Hammer for sale

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Category: Accessories for Drill rig
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW N125A DTH Hammer
Model: N125A
Working Pressure: 1.5-3.3Mpa
Air Consumption: 46/58m3/min

DTH hammers are used for blast hole drilling and blasting, mainly applied in Mining, Marble quarry or well drilling and other construction projects.

Avoid the problem happens on foot valve. Fracture,expansion and contraction.
Lower air consumption and higher impact frequency. 15-30% higher drilling efficiency than the bit with foot valve.
Simpler structure and less spare parts, makes easier & cheaper maintenance.
Heat-hardened spare parts,makes longer serving life and less problem

Thread connection for top sub and drive chuck,makes easier disassembly.
We can supply you any quantity of the new DTH Hammer

The specification of the N125A DTH Hammer

Ref. Parts Weight Part No
01 Top Sub 163.5 Kg 01-N125A-01
02 Washer 1.5 Kg 01-N125A-02
03 O"Ring 0.03 Kg 01-N125A-03
04 Check Valve 1.5 Kg 01-N125A-04
05 Spring 0.2 Kg 01-N125A-05
06 Adjuster Shim 0.7 Kg 01-N125A-06
07 Rubber Buffer 0.3 Kg 01-N125A-07
08 Rubber Buffer 0.3 Kg 01-N125A-08
09 Valve Seat 11.8 Kg 01-N125A-09
10 Rigid Valve 27.4 Kg 01-N125A-10
11 O"Ring 0.03 Kg 01-N125A-11
12 O"Ring 0.03 Kg 01-N125A-12
13 Piston 137.7Kg 01-N125A-13
14 Piston Case 247.5Kg 01-N125A-14
15 Guided Sleeve 29.7 Kg 01-N125A-15
16 Check Ring 0.2 Kg 01-N125A-16
17 Retainer Ring 7 Kg 01-N125A-17
18 O"Ring 0.3 Kg 01-N125A-18
19 Washer 1.5 Kg 01-N125A-19
20 Drive Chuck 67.2 Kg 01-N125A-20
21 Drill Bit 01-N125A-21

Length(Less bit) 1785mm
Weight 698.5Kg
Outer Diameter C 305mm
Connection Thread API6 5/8"REG
Bit Shank NUMA125A
Hole Range C 330-C400mm
Work Pressure 1.5-3.3 Mpa
Recommended Rotation Speed 25-45 r/min
Air Consumption 1.8Mpa/46m3/min 2.4Mpa/58m3/min

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N125A DTH Hammer  for sale N125A DTH Hammer  for sale N125A DTH Hammer for sale N125A DTH Hammer | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale N125A DTH Hammer | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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