NEW MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig
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MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig for sale

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Category: Engineering Drilling Rig
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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New MDL80 Crawler Anchoring Engineering Drill Rig
Drill diameter: φ100-φ210mm
Drill depth (m): 60~100m
Drilling angle: -10-90°

MDL-80 model is full hydraulic rotary anchor type drilling rig, Mainly suitable for urban foundation pit support and construction control of displacement, geological disasters and other construction projects, machine use crawler walking ,and holder shackle device . Caterpillar chassis moves quickly, the holes are convenient for centering. The holder shackle device can disassemble drill pipe and casing automatically, reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the disassembly efficiency

Features of the Crawler Anchoring Engineering Drill Rig:
1.Full hydraulic control, Operation is convenient and flexible, easy shifting, good maneuverability, saving time and labor.
2.Drill rotary machine driven by a double hydraulic motor, High output torque, rotary center lower than similar products, greatly improving the rig drilling rig stability.
3.New variable angle mechanism to make the hole more convenient, adjustment range is larger, can reduce the requirements of the working face.
4.For the customers local special conditions, the cooling system is optimized to ensure that the hydraulic system when the outdoor temperature is 45 ° C, the maximum temperature does not exceed 70 ° C.
5.Match dedicated simultaneous casing drill tools (drill pipe, casing, eccentric bit, etc.), in the unstable formation with casing wall openings, the conventional button bit use for end-hole . High drilling efficiency , and good quality.
6.Machine is mainly suitable for deep foundation pit anchor support, but also through the rotary spray module replacement, so machine can be rotary jet spray construction.
7.Can meet three-wing drill drilling, DTH hammer drilling, casing drilling, drill pipe / casing complex drilling, single / double / triple rotary spray, fixed spray, swing spray and so on .

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The specification of the MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig

Drill diameter (mm) φ100-φ210
Drill depth (m) 60-100
Pipe diameter (mm) φ73/φ89/φ102/φ114
Drilling angle (° ) -10-90
Gyrator Output rotary speed (r/min) 16-105
Gyrator Output torque (N. m) 4200
Gyrator Stroke (mm) 1800
Gyrator lift (kN) 65
Gyrator lifting speed (m/min) 0-5(adjustable), 7, 23, 30
Gyrator pressure (kN) 33
Gyrator Feeding speed (m/min) 0-10 (adjustable) /14/46/59
Driving mode Crawler (Optional)
Travel speed (km/h) 15
Diesel Input power (kW) 39
Motor Input power (kW) 30+1.5
Dimension (L*W*H) mm 3000X1800X1500
Weight (kg) 1300

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MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig  for sale MDL80 Anchoring drilling Rig  for sale

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