NEW 250kW Cummins LNG CNG Gas Genset HTG-250GF
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250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF for sale

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Category: Natural Gas Genset - Prime, Standby, Continuous power
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW 250kW Cummins industrial LNG CNG Natural Methane Gas Generator Set HTG-250GF
This series generator sets choose high quality Cummins natural gas engine assembled with alternators (Stamford, Faraday or other famous brand), the control system adopts PLC automatic controller. This series of natural gas generator can be used in natural gas power plant, school, hospital, oil field and others, as a 24-hour uninterrupted power or standby power.

Rated power kW 250 / kVA 300
Frequency / voltage Hz/ V 50/400Hz
Type Open/Silent/Soundproof/Container

Advantages of LNG CNG Natural Methane Gas industrial Generator Set
- High efficiency and Cost effective
- Low Emissions due to advantage technologies
- Low space requirement due to compact design
- Reliable service life resulting from application-specific design
- Powerful to ensure uninterrupted operation
- Adapt to harsh conditions
- Applications of LNG CNG Natural Methane Gas Generator Set
- Fuel Types CNG, LNG, PNG, Oilfield Associated Gas, Coalmine Gas, Coalbed Gas, methane gas.

Cummins LNG CNG Natural Methane Gas Generator Set
Cummins technology series gas generator is developed from cummins G-Drive 3.9L-38L engine on our independent research.
The engine used in this series of generators continues cummins compact design, using high-strength cylinders, integral crankshafts and efficient lubrication systems.the main heat load components were redesigned. Such as cylinder head, piston, piston ring, the intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, exhaust pipe, etc. According to the fuel type re-designed the piston compression ratio, optimizing the gas intake phase position, reducing the engine temperature,to ensure the stability of the engine power output, extended engine life under high heat load conditions,we have selected high-performance ignition system(ECU) and 'Impco' brand gas-air mixer,'Madas' brand pressure regulator assembled on the engine.
Meanwhile using the latest lean burning technology to reduce the engine emissions.

* The data herein can vary depending on individual production
Sea-Level <1000m , Temp< 40 deg.C
Prime Power (PRP): Prime power is available for an unlimited number of annual hours in variable load application, in
accordance with GB/T2820 -97 (eqv ISO8528);
A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within a 12-hour period
of operation.
Standby Power Rating (ESP): The standby power rating is applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of a utility
power interruption. No overload, utility parallel or negotiated outage operation capability is available at this rating.
Rated Voltage: generally the rated power includes 380/220V, 400/230V, 415/240V, 440/254V, we make it according to client's

Control Panel AGC 150
AGC 150 is a controller containing all necessary functions for protection and control of a genset, a mains breaker, and a bus tie breaker. It can be used as a
single controller for one genset, or a number of controllers can be connected in a complete power.

Management system for synchronising projects, island applications or running
parallel to mains.

AGC 150 is an economical solution for genset builders, who need a flexible generator protection and controller for small to large genset applications.
AGC 150 contains all necessary 3-phase measuring circuits, and all values and alarms are presented on the sunlight readable LCD display screen.

Attachment (Optional Parts)

40ft Container canopy
Scientific and efficient Special sand-proof waterproof blinds with illumination.
Soundproof Canopy
(Super Silent canopy)Containerized Canopy
CHP system (Exhaust Heat Collector)
1. The unique spiral winding structure increases the turbulence effect, and the heat exchange capacity per unit area is 3-7 times that of the traditional heat exchanger.
2. High heat transfer coefficient, high heat exchanger heat transfer efficiency, good heat transfer effect, high heat transfer coefficient up to 14000W/m·k, energy saving effect is remarkable.
3. Small size. With only one-tenth of the traditional tube and shell heat exchangers, it takes up less space and reduces infrastructure and installation and maintenance costs.
4. Using a small clearance design to increase the flow rate, the heat exchanger is not easy to foul, and the use and maintenance costs
are low.
5. Advanced design concept, the length of the heat exchange tube is 3-4 times the height of the cylinder, the material stays longer and the
heat transfer is more fully.
6. Spiral-wound elastic tube bundle design can effectively eliminate pipe vibration and stress due to thermal expansion and contraction deformation.
7. Unique 90 degree connection, heat exchangers all participate in heat exchange,
no dead ends and stagnant areas, reduce fluid resistance.
8. Counter-current heat transfer, asymmetric flow design, in the vapor-liquid heat transfer field has other advantages that can not be compared with heat exchangers.
Automatic Paralleling and Gridconnect Control System
This system can connect generator sets in parallel or connect the generator set to the grid automatically.

CHP/Cogeneration/CCHP/Trigeneration (Exhaust heat recovery+Jacket water heat recovery )
Remote Control
PMG Alternator
Oil and Water Heater
High Voltage Alternator 6.3kv and 10.5kv, High Voltage Electrical Control Cells (PT Cabinet
CT Cabinet
High Voltage outgoing cabinet
DC Panel, Groud Resistance Cabinet and low voltage distribution cabinet etc)

Supply Scope
High quality gas engine, brushless Alternator with AVR, Control Cabinet, Advanced Ignition System,
IMPCO Air-Fuel Mixer Made in USA,Stable Electronic Speed Governor, High Performance Flame Arrester.
Non-Maintenance Start Batteries, MCCB, Radiator Fan, Muffler, Air Filter, Installation accessories, Tool kit, Manual books.

* Both 50Hz and 60Hz are available.
* Special voltages available.
* Alternator brand Stamford, Leroy Somer, Marathon are optional.
* Controller brand Deepsea, Comap are optional.
* Special requirements for Soundproof Canopy, ATS, Parallel & Synchronization Control, CHP and Biogas Pre-treatment Machinery are optional

The specification of the 250kW Cummins LNG CNG Gas Genset HTG-250GF

Cummins Natural methane GAS Generator Model HTG-250GF
Rated power 250kW/312.5kVA
Frequency / voltage Hz/ V 50/400Hz
Rated power 250kW/312.5kVA
Power factor 0.8
Standby power 275kW/343.7kVA
Controller Auto PLC controller
Rated voltage 400V/230V
Speed Governor Electric control
Rated frequency 50Hz
Fuel Natural Gas
Rated speed 1500 rpm
Gas Consumption 0.3m³/kW·h
Engine model Cummins HTKTA19-NG
Power/Speed kW/RPM 280/1500
Bore*Stroke (mm)159*159
Dspl (L)19
Alternator Type Brushless
Brand Stamford, Leroy-Somer, Faraday, Lingyu, etc.
Connection 3-pahse, 4-wire
Controller Type Auto PLC Controller
Brand Deepsea, SmartGen, Com Ap etc.
Fuel Natural Gas 0.3m³/kw/h

Approximated Dimensions and Weight
Open Type
L x W x H:3800x1550x2060 (mm)
Gross Weight: 3700 kg

Soundproof Type
L x W x H: 4300x1900x2400 (mm) Gross Weight: 4300 kg
NOTE: The dimensions are for reference only., The exactly dimensions would be provided by the manufacturer after the contract is signed.

Warranty terms service
12 months or 1500 running hours (subject to the earlier)
250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF  for sale 250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF  for sale 250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF for sale 250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale 250kW Cummins LNG CNG  Gas Genset HTG-250GF | NEW military vehicles, MOD surplus for sale

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