NEW Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811
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Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811 for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW HHW811 Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine
Diesel engine power: 73.6kW
Electric motor power: 55kW
Working face size: 5.6*4.3 m

Hengwang single boom series underground drilling jumbo, widely used in underground mining, small tunnel excavation and anchor hole reinforcement works, its well-designed appearance, configuration, system control, etc. will provide customers with better drilling experience.

HW-811 for thin vein mining and narrow tunnel size, the special high pass ultra narrow articulated suspension chassis, great for underground ultra-small tunnel transition operation. Modular rapid detachable design, convenient to achieve machine reassembly underground.

Underground mining Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig Features:

1. Equipped with dual hydraulic rotary motors, fast drilling speed;
2. The structure design is compact and the overall area is small;
3. Crawler site, while ensuring stability, can adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions;
4. Equipped with two-stage dry dust removal device, the environmental pollution is small.
5. The centralized control of the operating table improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.
6. High safety: FOPS certified operator's cab insulates the operator from noise, dust and vibration, which provides great protection to the operator. This ensures accurate and speedy drilling jobs are performed in a safe manner.
7. Cost effective choice: Our underground jumbo drills features high quality core drilling accessories, which guarantees stable operation and high productivity.

The design to fit well in small spaces, and as a result, it is ideal for drilling tunnels that do not have a lot of space. It also has a heavy-duty body that is ideal for drilling the hardest rock, which might challenge most common drills.

Flexibility has also been given priority in designing this drill where you can change different operations without struggling. The flexibility further plays a role in making the jumbo ideal for construction sites where speed is required. The drill's main components can be removed and reassembled later, making the entire unit very portable.

This jumbo drill also comes with a certification to confirm that it has superior features, ideal for different drilling processes. The drill is stable, where it can work accurately without moving unnecessarily. It produces minimal emissions to protect the environment and the people operating the drill.

Most features of this particular drill are self-controlled, and you need to guide them using the simplified control system.

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The specification of the Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811

Hole range 45-89mm
Drill rod size T38-H35-R32/3700mm
Drifter model ZY104M
Diesel engine (Yuchai) YC4DK100-T301
Diesel engine power 73.6kw@2400rpm
Electric motor power 55kw
Water pump pressure & displacement 12bar 2m³/h
Air compressor pressure& F.A.D 8bar 0.5m³/min
Feed beam length 5500mm
Tramming speed 11.5/5.6 km/h
Climbing ability 15°
Turning radius Inner R2600 mm Outer R4600 mm
Working face dimensions:
Width x Height 5612 x 4340 mm
Max.working area 15 m2
Dimensions (Length*Width*Retracted/extended height) 12160 x 1450 x 1400 /2035 mm
Total weight 11000kg

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Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811  for sale Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811  for sale Underground Jumbo Drilling Machine HHW811 for sale

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