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Direction of the activity: production of the Tractor, Combine Harvester & Rice Transplanter, Implements, Utility Vehicle, Turf Equipment, Ductile Iron Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Environmental, Equipment & Plant, Engineering, Membrane Solutions, Wastewater, Treatment Plant (Johkasou), Construction Machinery, Engines, Division Site, Engine for industrial, Engine for generator, Weighing & Measuring Control, Systems, Materials, Division Site, Cracking Tubes, Reformer Tubes, Industrial Stee,l Castings, Rolling mill Rolls TXAX, Steel Pipe Piles & Steel Pipe Sheet Piles
Kubota uses a wide range of products and technologies to provide solutions in the areas of food, water, and the environment, which are indispensable for people's lives. From a grain of rice or a drop of water to the foundations of society and industry, Kubota's solutions support the lives of human beings.

Kubota envisions the social issues that could arise in the near future and creates new services and business and develops products in anticipation if these issues, contributing even further to society.

From our start in 1890 to this day, Kubota has introduced a wide range of products in the areas of food, water, and the environment.

Supporting the World's Food, Water, and Environment

Food, water, and the environment are indispensable parts of our lives.
Kubota works to contribute to these fields through manufacturing to support industry and human wellbeing throughout the world.

Adoption rate of Kubota treatment equipment in advanced water treatment facilities in Japan

Approx. 80%(based on activated carbon treatment volume)

Kubota technology is used in over 80% of the advanced water purification facilities that provide safe and drinkable tap water in Japan.

Total Global Engine Production

over 30 Million Units
Kubota engines prioritize "High Performance," "Energy Efficient," and "Labor Saving" to support the world's industries.

Engine Lineup

About 3,000 Products
Kubota offers a wide variety of engines to meet all customer needs.

Businesses Developed in Over 120 Areas

The Kubota products that are researched, produced, and sold at our global sales offices and plants are now at work in more than 120 Areas.

Overseas Revenue Ratio

About 73%

In 18 years, our overseas revenue ratio has grown from 30 to 73%.
We are achieving steady growth as a global company.

Thailand Tractor Share Combine Harvester Share in Asia


Kubota farm machinery, pioneered in the rice fields of Japan,
has an excellent reputation in Asia's top rice-producing countries.

Global Supply of Ductile Iron Pipes

Over 70 countries

Kubota water pipes are respected worldwide for their durability and performance.
Today we support infrastructure in more than 70 countries.

EU Emissions Regulations

Stage V compliant

Kubota engines comply with the EU's strict emissions standards.
We support local industry while staying environmentally responsible.

Mini Excavator Sales

No.1 for 20 Years Running

Kubota is a pioneer in mini excavators, becoming one of the first to export them overseas.
They have earned an excellent reputation worldwide.

(Since 2002; source: Off-Highway Research 2021)

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Kubota Worldwide Exports

Kubota provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service.
Exports to any part of the world are possible and our freight department can deal with any shipment of equipment whether its 1 item or 1000 items.
We can offer sea, or air freight.
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