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Direction of the activity: production of the cars, pickup, electric cars, SUV
In 1994, the Chinese government issued the Automobile Industrial Policy, and the cars produced by GWM became unregistered. GWM decided to find a new way out.

In more than 20 years of development, the management of GWM always takes the lead in honoring the mission of 'surprising customers, improving the well-being of staff, creating value for customers and contributing to the society' and the business philosophy of 'making progress every day'. By doing so, the Company has developed excellent corporate culture centering on honesty, integrity, creativity and quality that can unite employees, impress customers and attract potential partners, thus providing a permanent driving force for GWM to become an industry legend and realize sustainable and coordinated development.

Relying on world-leading R&D equipment and systems, GWM is capable of designing and developing SUVs, passenger cars and pickup series as well as powertrains. Moreover, GWM follows the 'excessive investment' principle, enhancing effectiveness, and seeking industry leadership, laying a solid foundation for continuous independent innovation.

Global R&D Layout
With the China headquarters as the core, GWM global R&D layout covers Europe, Asia and North America. Overseas R&D centers have been set up in Japan, the United States, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea.

New Energy Technology
With ten years of experience in the electronic vehicle developing, GWM has constructed battery core, mechanism analysis, PACK and BMS trial-manufacture laboratories, as well as battery trial-manufacture workshops, test centers and analysis centers.

The Internet of Vehicles
In the Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) industry, GWM is building an open platform for technological innovation in an effort to push forward the development of 5G, Internet of Things (IOT), autonomous drive, IOV, V2X and other key technologies, and accelerate the industrialization of generic technology.

Global Manufacturing Layout
GWM has created a '12+5' global manufacturing system. In China, following the manufacturing bases in Baoding, Xushui, Tianjin and Yongchuan in Chongqing, GWM is promoting major projects in Zhangjiagang, Shandong, Pinghu, Zhejiang and Taizhou at a steady pace. Globally, GWM owns KD factories in Ecuador, Malaysia, Tunisia and Bulgaria, and Russia Tula HAVAL factory which has been put into production in 2019.


As a global professional SUV brand, HAVAL is one of the four brands of GWM, and became independent brand in 2013, with its strong product matrix covering all SUV segments. HAVAL is the first Chinese SUV brand to join the Five-million-sales Club. Moreover, with its products exported to more than 60 foreign countries, HAVAL is the third global professional SUV brand after JEEP and LANDROVER.


WEY is the first Chinese auto brand named after the founder. It is also the first Chinese luxury SUV brand created by a global team of over 1,600 designers and researchers from GWM with five-year efforts in line with the highest standards of global luxury brands. It is not only a symbol or an antonomasia, but also a commitment made by Mr. Jack Wey, the founder of WEY brand, in his own name. That is, he will defend WEY brand with ingenuity, like guarding the highest honor and belief; and he will record the glory and the era with the dream and determination of the Chinese luxury SUV leader.


ORA is positioned as the new generation electric car and owns different models based on exclusive new energy platform. ORA brand was officially launched with its first model ORA iQ on August 20, 2018. ORA R1 was launched On December 26 of the same year.

GWM Pickup

GWM started its manufacturing with pickup trucks. GWM Pickup announced independence of its brand on September 28, 2018, including the Wingle series and the POER. The global cumulative sales of GWM Pickup have amounted to more than 1.6 million since the first vehicle rolled off the production line in 1996, and have been exported to Europe, Australia, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world.


TANK is a global high-end off-road vehicle brand launched by GWM for the new trend of SUVs and an important achievement of GWM's category innovation, dedicated to becoming the No. 1 global off-road vehicle brand.

Born global and created for all people, TANK is based on the current consumer trend to break the game and open up a new category market with the brand proposition of toughness and tenderness. TANK will lead the Chinese off-road vehicle brands to break through upward and become a pioneer in the world.

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